Do You Cover Your Mouth When Smiling?

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Your smile can be everything; it is the first thing others notice about you. But genetics, situation and time can cause broken or missing teeth, gaps, discoloration, gummy smile and more. So what is really going on, when you noticed aspects of your smile that aren’t so sensational?

 Tooth Decay

Tooth decay can cause a grey or dark discoloration where the cavity is occurring or worst a visibly missing area of the tooth.

 Gummy Smile

A gummy smile is where one’s teeth appear extra short and the amount of gum tissue seems extensive or when the gum line appears uneven.


Sometimes gaps between the teeth can occur when there are missing teeth, not only is there the empty space where a tooth once was, but the adjacent teeth shift into the empty space causing gaps between other teeth. Gaps can also simply be the way your teeth came in.

 Discolored Teeth

Teeth that aren’t as white as they were when you were 18 can just be part of life. Coffee, dark sodas, red wine, etc. can discolor your teeth over time. Diet and the natural occurring chemical makeup of your mouth can cause your teeth to stain easier than other people’s. A tooth that has experienced trauma can turn dark if there is blood inside it or if it dies.

 Worn Teeth

Teeth become worn down from grinding and clenching. Worn teeth will lose their contour, becoming flat and short as the lower and the upper arch are ground against each other. In severe wear cases, the enamel becomes worn off the top surface of the tooth exposing the pulp. Grinding usually occurs during sleep when you are not aware you are doing it. Clenching the upper and lower arch together can cause the enamel to chip or worst the tooth to crack.

 Depending on the health of each tooth, cosmetic dentistry treatment can restore a smile suffering from these conditions. Ultimately, what is best for the health of your smiles is to be considered first.

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