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Dean’s Kubota was running just fine until, for some reason, the PTO would not turn off. It didn’t really matter what the reason was or how it happened. Dean worked with Kent Gaston, Cooperative Energy Certified Energy Specialist, and had already gotten signed up for the Cenex® Total Protection Plan Warranty. And because Dean was using a combination of Cenex® premium diesel fuel and Cenex® lubricants, that meant Dean’s equipment was protected by the best coverage in the industry.

This is a warranty that covers issues as small as a hub repair ($1,519.42) and as big as a transmission Repair ($70,399.11). CHS will pay for costs, including installation and labor, to repair or replace covered parts that fail during normal use, as long as you are using Cenex® lubricants and fuels exclusively – and they’ve paid claims as big as $71,357.85. “In today’s farming economy and how costly repairs can be for equipment, the Cenex® warranty is the best way to protect your investment and minimize overall equipment expenses,” CES Scot Hermanson makes very clear.

CES Kent Gaston adds, “and it’s so inexpensive, I just don’t know why you wouldn’t.” Inexpensive it is, as $299 gets you coverage for new equipment, and $399 gets you coverage for your used equipment. When Dean Christopherson of Christy Enterprises received his check for $5,557.98, he agreed the warranty was worth every penny. “It’s a WONDERFUL thing to have,” he affirmed.

Alvin Runia of Runia Farms would attest to the warranty’s worth very similarly. He acknowledged that, not only was it worth the small investment, but it was easy to do! To put it simply, Alvin described it saying, “no nonsense – no questions.” His claim check for $4,073.32 covered rings that broke by the clutch in the transmission.

And just how easy is it to get signed up? Very. One of their Certified Energy Specialists will meet the customer in person at their farm or business operation and work with them through the entire process from start to finish. 

Russ Pedersen of Pedersen farms says “you’d be silly not to take advantage of it.” Russ was presented with a check for $14,523.45 back in March of 2017, covering almost all of the costs of major engine repairs to his tractor. “Russ called and said his tractor needed to go in for a major engine repair and wondered if the warranty would cover the repair.  The Cooperative Energy CES team member assisted him in taking an engine sample, opened up a claim, he chose the repair shop to get the work completed and he received a check about 30 days later.  It was a quick and easy process,” CES Scot Hermanson explains just how simple the process is and how well it really works.

Just this past month, another TPP claim was rewarded to Steve and Dorward Dykstra of D&S Hilltop Farms near Bigelow, MN. CES Kent Gaston was there to present the check for $7,258.43 for repairs that were made to the front and rear final drive on the farm’s telehandler. With the addition of the Dykstra’s paid claim, as well as a second smaller paid claim, The Cooperative Energy CES team had delivered nearly $30,000 in successful claims in the past 12 months. And with a claim success rate of 100% in the last 12 months, that means not very many farmers are taking advantage of what this warranty has to offer. “Not just in the last 12 months,” adds CES Kent Gaston, “I’ve never seen a claim get denied in the 3 years that I have been at Cooperative Energy.”

 “Our experience shows us that this warranty is worth every penny. CHS is faithful to their fuel and lubricant customers and stay true to the warranty’s promise,” Sales Manager, Randy Bos makes clear.

Bringing the coverage, assisting with the lube scans and submitting the Cenex® TPP Warranty claims are just some of the many ways the Cooperative Energy CES team brings service, value and trust to their members. CES Scot Hermanson sums it up saying, “it’s superior risk management, and it’s our job as Certified Energy Specialists to bring those kinds of solutions to our customers. That’s why we’re here.”

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