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October 11, 2017 10:35 PM

CFB: Jackrabbit Trio's Chemistry Off Field Leading To Success On Field

Brookings, SD

Taryn Christion, Dallas Goedert and Jake Wieneke all came to Brookings from various places. Wieneke came from a Twin Cities suburb, Christion from Sioux Falls, and Goedert from the small town of Britton. Where they came from though didn't stop the three from developing a unique chemistry which they say has helped translate to success on the field.

"The closer you get off the field is just going to help when you get on the field," Junior Quarterback Taryn Christion said.

On the field, Goedert is massive, standing 6'5. He's also incredibly determined, earning a scholarship after walking on, and then turrning himself into one of the nation's top tight ends. Off the field, however, the Britton native is known as a goofball.

"Dallas is like a little kid. Everybody calls him the 7 year old on the team because he's just a weird guy. He likes to have fun. He likes to goof around, crack jokes all the time," Junior QB Taryn Christion said. 

Wieneke will have set just about every Jackrabbit receiving record by the time he's finished. But Goedert, who's been Jake's locker mate since their freshman seasons, says Wieneke cares as much about his teammates success as his own.

"Anybody has success, he loves it more than anything. Knowing him and his personality is just so easy to cheer when he has success and anytime I have success he's right there, first person saying good job and congratulations and everything," Senior Tight End Dallas Goedert said. 

Christion lives with Wieneke's brother so the two hangout quite often. He also eats lunch with Goedert every Thursday, along with fullback Kane Louscher. Wieneke says Taryn's personality on and off the field is the mark of a true leader.

"He's a great leader for the team. Everybody loves him and looks up to him. You can hear him in the locker room making jokes, whatever. And also building people up, encouraging them like Let's go, let's pick it up and he's always there for you,"  Senior Wide Receiver Jake Wieneke said. 

As to what's made their 3 seasons together enjoyable, the answer is simple.

"You can't help but smile when you're around those guys. They're always a joy to be around," Wieneke said. 
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