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March 06, 2018 01:43 PM

Hochuli, Triplette Retire; Hochuli's Son Replaces Him As Ref

New York (AP)

NFL referees Ed Hochuli and Jeff Triplette are retiring.

One of the replacements will be former back judge Shawn Hochuli, Ed's son. The other is former side judge Alex Kemp.

Ed Hochuli, among the most recognizable of NFL officials because of his muscular build, joined the league in 1990. Triplette came aboard in 1996.

Hochuli, a lawyer by trade, originally was a back judge and moved up to referee in 1992. He worked two Super Bowls.

Triplette, a restructuring consultant, became a ref in 1999.

The two new referees each joined the NFL in 2014.
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