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May 23, 2018 06:03 PM

Summit League Move To Sioux Falls A 'Great Fit'

Sioux Falls

Sioux Falls is about to become a hub for even more sports tournaments.

On Wednesday, the Summit League announced it will move from its current location in Illinois, to Sioux Falls by this fall.

The Summit League will open at a temporary spot on August 1.

Eventually it will be located at the Sanford Sports Complex.

Sanford Sports Executive Vice President Kevin Lampe calls it a "great fit."

"To be the home of a NCAA conference is quite remarkable," Sanford Sports Executive Vice President Kevin Lampe said. 

At this point, the Summit League would become the 11th tenant on the campus. 

Lampe says eventually a new building will house the headquarters. 

Kelli Volk:
Any estimation on how soon they could be in a permanent spot on this sports campus?
Lampe: Well, let's hope next year when we're standing here talking, they're on this campus. 

Lampe adds the new location could be more convenient for the colleges that compete in the league. 

Meanwhile, the move to Sioux Falls could also mean a boost to the city according to the Sioux Falls Convention and Visitors Bureau. 

"I think it's going to help put Sioux Falls on the map as a sports city. With that, maybe the idea will come a long of getting more sporting events. Certainly having the Summit League office here states something about the quality of the community," Sioux Falls Convention and Visitors Bureau Executive Director Teri Schmidt said. 
KELOLAND News also reach out to the Sioux Falls Sports Authority. 

Executive Director Bryan Miller called the news "very exciting." 

He says it strengthens the sports scene in Sioux Falls. 

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