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September 25, 2017 06:32 PM

Adding Up Weekend Rainfall Totals

It was a soggy and cloudy weekend in KELOLAND with a good portion of the region getting some impressive rainfall amounts.

A heavy band brought two to four inches of rain, stretching from south-central KELOLAND to the northeast.  And imbedded in that system were some locally higher amounts of up to five inches of rain.

Now that is a lot of rain that fell in a short amount of time. So how did a rain event like that happen? 

In the upper level wind flow, the jet stream was set up in a near south to north flow so there wasn’t very much west to east motion at the surface.  So after a cold front invaded KELOLAND, it stalled out in the southeast and stayed in place from late Friday to Sunday afternoon.

All the rain that developed down south came up like a train following the tracks along the front.   Since the front didn’t really move, the rain kept going over the same areas again and again.  

Then Sunday afternoon, the upper level winds shifted eastward; the front advanced farther to the east so the rain started to fall in places that hadn’t received much rain, namely southeast KELOLAND. 

Looking ahead at the forecast, it looks sunshine and dry skies return Tuesday afternoon and will last into the weekend.

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