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June 11, 2018 06:20 PM

Enjoy This Break From The Heat

The work week is giving us a break from the heat.

It was a slightly cooler Monday that started with some rain.  But the heat will soon be back and we're ahead of schedule when it comes to the hot days.

Cooling to the 70s for highs in KELOLAND is a nice break from the heat we've been experiencing but it won't last for long as more 90-degree heat is on the way.

Here's where we are at when it comes to the heat.

Aberdeen has had 11 days of 90 degree or hotter weather.  Two of those days have been over 100.  The main reason that area has been so hot is because the ground has been very dry.

Sioux Falls and Pierre have had five days in the 90s while Rapid City sits at one.

Keep in mind, in a given year, Sioux Falls averages 15 days of 90-degree weather for the months of April through October and we're just going into the second week of June.

90s are in the forecast for later this week and there may end up being more than one day of 90-degree weather.  
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