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November 09, 2017 05:16 PM

Expect Warmer Weather Next Week

It was a cold start to the day in northern and eastern KELOLAND as we had some wind chills below zero, but that won't be the story next week as warmer weather takes over. 

It's been a cold but relatively quiet month so far.  While we've had hits of light snow and freezing drizzle, it hasn't been widespread.  Looking forward, our weather will remain fairly quiet for the next couple of weeks.

The jet stream will be in a zonal type pattern which means a west to east flow over much of the upper plains.  At times it may sneak to the north, which means we'll have a period of above average temperatures.

To get more exciting weather, we'll need the jet stream to dig a trough in the southwest United States.  This time of year, that can generate snow storms for the upper plains.   

That's the pattern we had at the end of September and beginning of October which was responsible for the heavy rain in eastern and southeast KELOLAND.  It's just a matter of repeating such a pattern, which may happen next month.  Except by then there's a better chance for it to be snow than rain. 

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