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February 20, 2018 06:03 PM

KELOLAND Expects More Snow This Week

Northeast South Dakota finally has some snow on the ground, and more could be on the way. 

A good portion of KELOLAND is digging out today.  The latest system brought a couple of inches to Sioux Falls and nearly a foot in and around the Black Hills!

You may have just finished clearing your driveway but it looks like more snow is on the way.  

If you’re a fan of the snow and not ready to say goodbye to winter, then you're in luck. A pattern is beginning to set up over North America and it could bring snow to the Midwest almost every other day. 

The set up looks like this, a couple of blocking high pressure will keep the trough of low pressure over the west coast from really going anywhere.

And this low will keep creating little snow events that will move northeast right over the Midwest and drop more snow on KELOLAND.

So stay plugged into the forecast if you have travel plans over the next few days because it looks like a snowy forecast. 

For KELOLAND Weather, I’m meteorologist Grant Smith.

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