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December 07, 2017 06:22 PM

Warmer Temperatures This Weekend Across KELOLAND

After a couple of colder than average days, we'll be back above average for the weekend with 40s and warmer returning for Sunday. Getting to 40 degrees in December isn't uncommon, but we are getting closer to reaching our quota of nice weather.

The light snow that covers the ground in KELOLAND will soon be gone as temperatures warm above freezing for the weekend. Out west around Rapid City, highs will be flirting at around 60 degrees.

The number of days at 40 degrees and warmer vary in KELOLAND. Aberdeen averages five days, Sioux Falls seven, Pierre eight, while Rapid City spends almost half the days in December with temps at least in the 40s.

So far this month, we've already had three days in Aberdeen, four in Sioux Falls, three in Pierre, and four in Rapid City. So according to history we're already close to our warm day quota in December.

Rapid City has so many days in the 40s and warmer because their average high for the month is in the middle 30s, while it's in the upper 20s for Sioux Falls and middle 20s for Aberdeen.

The warm-up will be short lived as colder air arrives as early as Monday. 

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