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January 08, 2018 06:32 PM

Warmer Weather Not Unusual For January

Enjoy the January thaw while it's here.  

We're in the middle of a warm pattern in KELOLAND with quite a bit of melting snow and ice.  Expect temperatures to remain warm through at least midweek, something that's pretty typical in January.

While our temperatures are at their coldest for average highs, KELOLAND is enjoying its January thaw.  This isn't unusual at all as Sioux Falls usually gets at least five days in January when temperatures are at 40 degrees or warmer.  

This warm air will come to an end later this week as the deep freeze returns.  But history tells us we should have another January thaw on the way as we're only forecasting two days with highs at 40 and above.  And history tells us we get around five days, so expect us to swing the other way later in the month.

It should happen shortly after the first half of the month, since that's the time when our average highs slowly start to warm.

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