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May 18, 2017 04:31 PM

Badlands Motor Speedway Suspends Races Again

Badlands Motor Speedway is suspending races at the track.

On Wednesday, KELOLAND News told you that the speedway told its ambulance service, Med-Star, it was no longer needed.

For nearly 40 years, Med-Star provided emergency rescue services at the popular track.

On Thursday, Badlands Motor Speedway posted a statement on its website saying it's suspending races because of all of the negative comments related to that decision.

The statement says fans, race teams, sponsors and staff have all made threats of boycotts.

You may remember that owner Chuck Brennan is also selling the track.  He put it up for sale in November for nearly $10 million.

The statement also says he's lowering the price to $7.5 million, and that's approximately half of what he put into the entire project and complete remodel of the facility.

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