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December 06, 2017 10:02 PM

Fareway: Bread & Butter For Economic Development In Harrisburg

It's a big day for the growing city of Harrisburg. The town now has its own grocery store.

Fareway could be the perfect ingredient for economic development.

Black Friday may be over, but dozens of people stood in line for the grand opening of Fareway in Harrisburg.

"I was shocked. The parking lot was full," Melissa Reeser said.

Reeser made a girls' day out of it with her sister and a friend.

"It will be a lot more convenient to come here," Reeser said.
Not only will the store be beneficial for people already living in Harrisburg, but it's also drawing more people to town. Fareway has hired around 60 people for the location, including two managers who moved here from Iowa.

"Their children are in our Harrisburg school system. They've purchased homes here in Harrisburg," Harrisburg Economic Development President Adrienne McKeown said.

Not only is the store bringing jobs to the area, but also sales tax dollars, which is especially important as more people shop online.

"We know that retail follows retail. Getting a flagship company like Fareway on a major intersection we know will drive additional business," McKeown said.

In fact, crews are already working on an Ace Hardware next door, along with a retail mall. It's development that has Harrisburg residents excited about more choices.

"It's just going to bring more businesses to town. That's going to help the community," Reeser said.

A growing community that hopes the store will provide the bread and butter for more economic development.

Fareway's CEO was in town for the grand opening. In addition to taking part in the event, he also spent the day in Sioux Falls, looking at possible locations for future Fareway stores.


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