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June 08, 2018 10:02 PM

Freeman 20-Year-Old Opening Own Business

What were you doing when you were 20 years old? Maybe you were going to college or working part-time?

Well, a Freeman 20-year-old is opening up her own business.

Welcome to downtown Freeman, a small town where every business can make a big difference.

The next store to open will be a bakery and coffee shop.

The concept behind Delicious Flavor might not be that unique, but the baker isn't your typical owner. Why? Harley Blue is just 20 years old.

"It's scary because after we open, that's it. That's the rest of my life. I'm excited though," Delicious Flavor Owner Harley Blue said.

Blue started making sweet treats for her parent's restaurant in Freeman, along with a couple of other businesses. After that, the former owner of the building approached her to buy the shop.

"I could be alone in the kitchen baking with the music pumped up, and I'd be good," Blue said.

Between the coffee and the entertainment, Blue hopes this will be a gathering spot for young adults, which there isn't a lot of in Freeman.

"We still need everything Sioux Falls or even Yankton have to offer. We also need to have it here," Libby Miller said.

Miller owns the business next door. She opened Flawless Nail & Hair when she was just 22.

"You're going to hear the good, the bad and the ugly. It's not bad to take that, and turn it into something. You also can't please everybody. You have to let that roll off your shoulders," Miller said.

Advice that Blue is taking in as she's baking up her own business.

"As long as I can remember, I've wanted my own bakery," Blue said.

A dream that could become a sweet reality.

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