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November 13, 2017 06:00 PM

Lyft Prices Go Up During 'Prime Time'

Lyft has been active in Sioux Falls for a few weeks now and one customer wants you to be aware of the prices especially on busier nights.

An average ride across town will cost you around $10 but during Prime Time that number can increase by a lot.
For some, Lyft is an easy, affordable way to get where you need to go.  That's why first-time customer, Heather Jacobsen wanted to try it out this past weekend. 

"We decided to take Lyft as something new to try and to avoid the parking headaches at the PREMIER Center," Jacobsen said. 

Jacobsen says the ride to the concert was under $10 but the ride home was a different story. 

"We were just shocked when we got out and you go to pay, it comes up on your phone and it said $52," Jacobsen said. 

Often times after big events or concerts, the demand for Lyft rides goes up, which is when prime time prices kick in and according to the Lyft website, those rates can go up by 550 percent.

"I asked the driver if it was correct and he goes, 'I'm not sure what the rates are.  You're going to have to discuss that with Lyft,'" Jacobsen said.

That's exactly what Jacobsen did and a Lyft customer service employee told her about the Prime Time pricing. On Lyft's website it says, 'We use Prime Time to encourage drivers to drive in areas and at times with more demand than usual.

In these cases, passengers may pay an additional percentage in addition to the normal price.'

For example, if a ride costs $5 and it's Prime Time, there's a 150 percent up charge. Then the ride will cost $5 plus an extra $7.50 for a total of $12.50 and any other additional fees, like a tip. The website also provides an estimated trip cost where you can figure out the price ahead of time. 

"It's pretty deceiving being a first-time user and not knowing how to do that," Jacobsen said. 

Jacobsen says she did receive a credit back for not knowing the prices and will use the service in the future. 

Lyft says they do this Prime Time pricing to encourage drivers to cover areas with more demand, so when you request a ride, there should be one there.

You can figure out what exactly you're paying for with each ride on Lyft's website as well as other additional information. 

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