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March 21, 2018 06:08 PM

March's Economic Meaning For Sioux Falls

Sioux Falls, SD

You can't miss it- March has been a busy month for tournaments in Sioux Falls. From the Summit League Basketball Championships to the Division II basketball Elite Eight happening right now, it's been a packed month. On Wednesday KELOLAND News caught up with a visitor to see what he thinks of our host city.

Larry Yung is in Sioux Falls for his school, the University of Central Missouri.

"To support the Jennies, our women's basketball team here at the tournament, and that's what brought us here, and we're having a good time," Yung said. "It’s a good town, good community, we've had a good time."

Yung has a degree from the school, and now lives in the town where it's located- Warrensburg, Missouri.

"We arrived Sunday, and so we could be here for Monday's game, and then today's game, and hopefully Friday’s game," Yung said.

It's not only a good time for Yung, it's also been a good month for the city he's visiting. According to Teri Schmidt, executive director for the Sioux Falls Convention & Visitors Bureau, March is one of the best months for the city's economy.

"We do sell more hotel rooms, but especially restaurants and retail do very well," Schmidt said.

She estimates that this month will see an economic impact of more than $1 million, maybe $2 million, perhaps more. She gives an example of the demand.

"We got a call last night from one of the teams, and they have a booster club so to say, wanting to come to Sioux Falls of about 40 people for Friday night, and we couldn't find rooms. So they are now booked in Vermillion," Schmidt said.

She says rooms are available- however not for so many people together.

"Sioux Falls is really fortunate to have that month of March be what it is. We are more and more being known as a number one host city," Schmidt said.

"It has everything that you'd need or want to do, it seems like, coming from a town of 20-some thousand to a town of probably close to 200,000, you find a lot of the amenities that we don't have, which is nice when you come visit, you know?" Yung said.

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