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May 14, 2018 06:04 PM

More Expansion Plans For Smithfield

Sioux Falls, SD

It looks like more money is being poured into a Sioux Falls meat-packing plant. According to a building permit issued with the city, Smithfield Foods, which is located along the Big Sioux River on the edge of Falls Park, is looking to expand.

The description for the permit reads: "Holding Barn addition onto existing meat processing plant."  The value of the addition is $2 million.  This is on top of another permit submitted earlier this month, for a nearly half-a-million dollar addition.

We have reached out to Smithfield for comment, but have not heard back. 

While Smithfield is planning expansions in the downtown area, other industrial companies are leaving. Sioux Steel announced in March it will be moving out of downtown Sioux Falls and plans to redevelop the ten and a half acres.

CEO Scott Rysdon says Sioux Steel plans to phase out of the area in the next seven to ten years.

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