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December 05, 2017 10:18 PM

Parking Garages Not So Basic Anymore

The $50 million mixed-use parking ramp may seem unusual for Sioux Falls, but projects like this are popular across the country.

The basic parking garage isn't so basic anymore.

You'll find mixed-use ramps not only in Miami Beach, but across the Midwest.

"Nationally it's done all over," Sioux Falls Public Parking Manager Matt Nelson said.
Nelson has been looking at parking projects across the country. The Park Place in Missoula, Montana, in particular caught his attention.

"If it can work in Missoula, we knew it could work in Sioux Falls," Nelson said.

While it's not labeled as a parking ramp or garage, another project in downtown Sioux Falls will also include public parking. Washington Square will welcome its first tenants this month.

"If you don't address the public parking challenge, you're setting yourself up for a very difficult project," Washington Square Partner Chris Houwman said.

The parking spaces will be for people who work at Washington Square during work hours, but on nights and weekends you can park there for free.

"I hope downtown we can identify more underutilized surface lots and end-of-life parking ramps and redevelop them into mixed-use buildings," Houwman said.

Why are the concrete car lots seeing a big facelift?

"We don't want these vast spaces of parking ramps or parking lots that make the downtown feel like it's a dead zone. We want a continuous downtown that feels lively," Nelson said.

A lively downtown, which in turn needs more parking.

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