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October 12, 2017 10:01 PM

Sioux Falls Convenient Businesses

It's not just Amazon and Walmart that are focusing on convenience to lure in customers. More Sioux Falls businesses are trying to make money by saving you time.

Aaron Kaseh and Emmy Sommervold are taking a load off when it comes to laundry.

"We work probably at least 55 to 60 hours a week," Sommervold said.

"You ask yourself what your time is worth," Kaseh said.

The couple is using one of Sioux Falls' newest laundromats, Uptown Laundry. In addition to the usual services, this business will also wash, dry, and fold your clothes.

"Get home after a hard day at work and your clothes are washed, dried and folded, and they smell good. All you have to do is put them away," Walth said.  

It costs $1.50 a pound. While that's a little more expensive than doing the chore yourself, Owner Boomer Walth thinks he'll have a booming business.

"Someone to do laundry like Mom used to do," Walth said.

Uptown Laundry isn't the only business biting into the convenience factor. Chef To Plate started in Sioux Falls two years ago and keeps growing.

"We've seen huge growth even just this week," Jill Kleinsasser said.

The company makes healthy foods from scratch every day and delivers them to Sioux Falls businesses. All you have to do is pop them into the microwave.

"It's really easy to go through McDonalds, but you also want your kids to eat healthy and have a balanced meal. I think parents value that," Owner Jill Kleinsasser said.

When the business first started, chefs were making around 25 meals each day. Now it's anywhere from 200 to 500.

"I probably eat Chef To Plate at least two times a day. I eat it for breakfast and lunch as well," Kayla Waldner said.

Which is why businesses who are trying to capture millennial customers realize that it's about more than just social media and selfies. You also have to save them time.

"If we have to go much further out of our way than we normally have to, it's not something we're really interested in anymore," Kaseh said.

"One more part of your life that you can simplify and spend more time with your family," Sommervold said.

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