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October 10, 2017 10:06 PM

Wheels Spinning For Bicycle Repairers

You've likely heard that there's a growing demand for nurses and web developers, but how about those who repair bicycles?

It's currently one of the fastest growing careers in the country.

While many men don't like introducing their kids to shopping at a young age, that's not the case for Scott Kortemeyer when it comes to bike stores.

"We've gotten a trailer, and we're trying to get her out more in the coming year," Kortemeyer said.

It's not just the Kortemeyers. More people across the country are taking up cycling--an increase of around 14 million since 2012. That trend has the wheels spinning for bicycle repairers.

"Whether it's infrastructure by the city, bike clubs or bike stores, that's what's helping cycling grow in those communities," Spoke-N-Sport Owner Chad Pickard said.

Pickard says bikes are getting more technical. That's also leading to the 37 percent projected increase in the field.

"The bicycle is one thing that a lot of people used to work on themselves. Now with people working two jobs or more hours, they don't have the time to learn how to do that," Pickard said.

The wheels have been rolling so much at Spoke-N-Sport that it's decided to open a second location. The Brookings store opened last week.

"We've been eyeing Brookings for a while. There's a lot of bike infrastructure that has been happening up there," Pickard said.

Bike infrastructure that Kortemeyer hopes keeps growing as his daughter gets her wheels beneath her.

"We're excited about the upcoming years," Kortemeyer said.

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